Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is the process to ensure your website is found when potential customers are searching for your industry or product. Through comprehensive keyword research, Creative Edge discovers what keywords users are inputting to search as well as the keywords that you as a client are interested in ranking with. Through the localizing of keywords and building up your website content, we can raise your website up the search engine ranks and ensure your customers find you. While being #1 on Google is good, our mission is bring quality traffic to your website, provide more viable leads and increase your customer acquisition.

Website Traffic Analysis

One of the most essential parts of a good Internet Marketing plan is the analytics and reporting. Creative Edge combs through analytical reports to confirm that your SEO initiatives are effective, and that the incoming website traffic delivers potential customers. As we analyze the traffic, we are able to make adjustments and monitor your site to ensure it generates quality leads and is ranking for the keywords that are essential to your business.

Social Media

Creative Edge is the perfect partner for your Social Media efforts. Whether you need full or partial management, Creative Edge can help you in setting up and building your social media exposure. Direct interaction with your client is important and social media provides an open outlet to communicate directly with your clients. Social media is the new "word of mouth" advertising, and you have the ability to receive quick feedback on your products or services, build up customer loyalty and communicate with your current client base.

Online Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be a cost-effective channel of advertising for some businesses or products. Creative Edge can assist your business in running banner advertising campaigns or Google Ads. Whether you're buying by impression or click-through, Creative Edge will develop a trackable plan that delivers ROI on a set budget.

Marketing Automation

An emerging technology for multiple industries, marketing automation takes your lead generation, lead management and lead tracking to another level. Our software enables clients to track customers when they visit your website, read your e-mail blasts, fill out a contact form, or land on a specific page and how they navigate your site. Keeping track of your history with clients enables better relationship building and customer loyalty. In addition, our system enables you to automate e-mail messages based on customer behavior. This is powerful because it allows you to have greater customer interaction and allows you to monitor the sales pipeline to see who and where customers are converting.