Increase Your Brand Exposure

Traditional media is still a great option for many industries. There are many good deals available and it's still a great option for increasing your brand awareness. Creative Edge has purchased media for brands like Victory Casino Cruises, Cloud X, Florida Carolina Furniture Outlet, Bocaire Country Club, Palm Beach Spine & Diagnostic Institute and others in local, regional, national or international markets. From radio and television advertising to outdoor, digital and more, Creative Edge has vast experience working with many different media formats. Creative Edge has the experience to guide you effortlessly through the marketing research necessary to identify your target audience, choose the most appropriate media to reach your target and negotiate the best rate for the most impact within your budget. We build a marketing plan that promotes your business without losing focus of the bottom line.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is still going strong and offers unique advantages over other media placement. Radio stations provide a great call to action and can promote events, unique segments and other unique marketing opportunities not available in other media.

TV Advertising & Local TV Marketing

TV Advertising offers some of the best brand awareness and exposure for businesses. With regional broadcast advertising as well as cable advertising, Creative Edge can establish your target demographic and build a media plan which will sell your business to that group directly.

Media Buying

Media buying can be intimidating to some businesses and Creative Edge works to simplify the experience. We work with you to analyze your business and identify your customer. With that information we can pinpoint the best options available to bring in more customers and increase your profits. As a client-focused agency, our goal is to provide you with the best return on investment. If media buying isn't the best option for your business, we'll find the option that is. Schedule a consultation today to discuss your business and see how Creative Edge can work with you today!